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What happens next?  

Once we have received your application we will review and contact you to begin the vetting process. 
This process is vital to ensure we make the best matches between humans and puppies.

We may ask for references and go through a number of phone/video call interviews before we get closer with your application.

Where possible we will attempt to meet in person prior to you receiving a Temple Shinto puppy however ALL puppies are personally delivered to your home to ensure we have all made the best decision for the puppy/dog.

Whether you are looking for a great new companion or joining our guardian program Temple Shinto will not leave a puppy in a situation they deem to be unacceptable at the point of delivery or at any point during the vetting process.

Everything we do is to live up to our motto "Never set a puppy up to fail"

Tibbies are not for everyone and not everyone or everyone's situation is right for a Temple Shinto Tibetan Spaniel. 

"Completion of this form does not constitute approval"

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