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New Puppy - Tips & Advice

Our Motto - Never set a puppy up to fail!

Raising a puppy into a well adjusted adult is easy right?  Sometimes it's not a simple as it seems. 
The cute little fluffballs know how to wrap themselves into being the boss!  
We have put together some helpful information that we hope will assist you in this fun but sometimes exasperating time.
Remember... Don't set your puppy up to fail... every small advance is a big win!

You have just brought your puppy home

  1. What an exciting time! He is so cute! He just wants to snuggle and is burying his nose under my chin for love!!!    Are you sure that’s what’s really going on?  Did you carry him into his new home up high in your arms, everything is such a long way down, there are other dogs down there, what’s that? It’s hissing at me, a cat you say!   I will just snuggle deeper, don’t let me go please, it looks really scary down there.

  2. Yay my puppy is here. look at that, I popped him in the garden because he must want to go to the toilet after that drive and he started running and playing with my other dog and the children, that’s adorable!   Or is it?   Are you sure he isn’t just running in panic? 

Day 1

  1. Remember when you bring your puppy home it’s all big and scary and very unfamiliar to him.  He has probably only just met you after all.    We advise introducing your puppy to his new surroundings gently and at his pace.   When we have a newcomer to the home, we always take one of the Temple Shinto family to pick them up, they travel home together side by side in separate travel crates.

  2. When you arrive home, if you have your puppy in a travel crate, just gently place it in an area that is non-threatening and let them get used to the surrounding atmosphere.

  3. Let them come out in their own time.  Their crate is their safe haven.  It’s ok to feed their meal in there and gently bring them out for toileting.  They will come out when they feel confident and relaxed. 

  4. Keep their travel crate available for them for a few days, let them know they have a safe zone.

  5. Never let children or other animals “pounce” on the new puppy.  This could put your puppy’s confidence right back; he probably isn’t feeling very confident anyway on day 1

Puppy Naps & Routine

  1. All puppy’s, no matter the breed, usually are only babies when you get them.  Around 8 -10 weeks old they are still babies.   Babies need naps and quiet time.  That’s how the brains develop.   Eat, Sleep and Grow!  Babies do it and puppies are no different. 

  2. Routine.  Your puppy will likely still be on 3 or 4 meals a day as he is a growing baby.  Start off how you mean to carry on … Eat, Toilet, Sleep, Grow, Toilet, Play, Eat, Sleep. Etc etc.   Set the routines and your puppy will know what is expected of him and when.

More tips to come

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