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Temple Shinto Guardianship Programme

We do, on occasion, place our dogs/puppies in Guardian homes where they live as a (lifetime) family pet or companion and return to Temple Shinto for stud duties or for the birth of their puppies.

This is an opportunity for the Guardian home to receive one of our fantastic Tibetan Spaniel puppies or dogs. Once the pup passes its breeding health tests it becomes a part of our breeding programme for a time that is agreed upon within a Contract Agreement. For example a male stud may be required a few times a year for a week or two and we request up to 3 litters from a female over the period of the Contract Agreement.

Temple Shinto pays all breeding costs and the Guardian home covers the normal day to day costs and needs to be within 3 hours drive of Auckland.

Our Guardian homes play an important role in the future breeding management plan Temple Shinto has and we enjoy an on-going relationship that benefits both.

If you are interested in becoming a Tibbie Guardian and want to know more please contact us via our contact page and so we can discuss your potential application.

Or scroll down for answers to a couple of important questions

Guardianship Programme: About

About the programme

The two main questions we are frequently asked

What is a Guardianship Programme?

The Guardianship Program is a partnership program with Temple Shinto.

​The programme means that a family agrees to take one of our puppies or older dogs into their home as part of their family.

The dog comes at no cost to the family. He or she then returns to us for breeding duties.

Once the dog is retired from our breeding programme, we pay all costs to have them desexed. At this point, the formal ownership of the dog transfers to the guardian family.

The Guardianship Agreement is reissued as an Adoption Agreement and your Tibbie is now officially yours!

You receive a Pick of the Litter puppy. This means that a dog you take care of and subsequently own through our Guardianship program will have been selected for showing all the signs of good health and temperament which are the base ingredients we need to future proof our beloved breed.

You raise the puppy as if he/she was your own.

Whilst the dog is in our breeding programme, we pay for all breeding related expenses as well as their annual vet check, Insurance and dog registration. We expect our guardian dogs to be well cared for regarding grooming, training, veterinary needs, diet and general care. 

Above all they must be emotionally and intellectually stimulated, they are after all a very intelligent breed who love cuddles and kisses with their humans.  Not to mention their love of having something to "do" or "be alert for"

How long will our puppy be away from home when they start their breeding role?

The amount of time can vary but on average, your Tibbie would come to Temple Shinto for breeding/mating and have a 2-3 week stay.

They would then return home.

If they are a female and determined to be pregnant, she would then return to Templeshinto at 7 weeks pregnant and remain for roughly 9 weeks to whelp and raise her litter.

We believe puppies should have the time to learn from their mother that nature intended

Males used in the programme may need to be away from home for a week or two a couple of times a year or just a day or two. 

Guardianship Programme: Resume

Currently Available for Guardianship

Keep an eye on our "Puppies" page to see any planned litters that may have a guardian ship opportunity.

Possibly available as of October 2023 are 1 male and 1 female - Please enquire or complete our standard application form and note your interest in being a Tibbie Guardian

Guardianship Programme: Text
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