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An update from Temple Shinto

Temple Shinto is not associated with any New Zealand Tibetan Spaniel clubs or groups, or holds any affiliations with backyard breeders or puppy mills.

We do not support situations where Tibetan Spaniels (or any other dogs) are living in conditions that are in the form of outside kennels, basement cages, permanent crating or any other form of severely restricted living.

We only support breeders who demonstrate ethical breeding practices and who put the care and welfare of their chosen breed at the foremost of all they do.

We support DogsNZ (NZ Kennel Club) by ensuring all of our own dogs are registered on the Purebred Dog ‘Closed’ Registry; be they imported or bred by Temple Shinto. Every dog is registered regardless of show or pet status and every litter is fully notified to DogsNZ, in its entirety.

Temple Shinto remains an accredited breeder of Tibetan Spaniels and will only produce puppies from health tested and cleared parents of sound structure, temperament, type and that are fit for purpose. Genetic Diseases and Traits for the breed that we have available to test for include; but are not limited to; Degenerative Myelopathy, Primary Lens Luxation, Progressive Retinal Atrophy 3 and Hiplaxity screening. All current testing is through both Orivet and Massey full breed profiles.

Temple Shinto guarantees to DNA profile (genetic fingerprint) all our dogs to improve and ensure future pedigree integrity. DNA profiling is the proven scientifical approach to verify matings.

The future of Temple Shinto Tibetan Spaniels will be solely based on our current lines and our current and future imported lines. The past is not something Temple Shinto dwells on, only the future promise, of which we are very excited about. Progeny of these lines placed within New Zealand are strictly pet homes only and will be neutered/spayed in accordance with veterinary advice and individual home requirements.

Temple Shinto puppies are raised within the guidelines of the “Puppy Culture Program” the gold standard in puppy raising and socialization. With a strong emphasis on enrichment, the communication trinity, and problem prevention.

Temple Shinto actively promotes ethical breeding, pedigree Integrity, canine genetic health screening and raising well-adjusted puppies. We stand behind our breeding, we provide contractual, moral and practical ongoing support to all puppies going out into society and we provide copies of all evidential health and registration paperwork to all puppy parents.

Here at Temple Shinto we are thankful for the beautiful relationships built within the world-wide Tibetan Spaniel world, this has enabled us to invest fully in the future of the breed that we love.

Our Motto remains “Never set a puppy up to fail”

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